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The New Religion


From time to time, there emerges within human awareness
a new vision of life, that sets us free
to live in new ways, that transform our lives and the world around us
and enable us to participate more deliberately, and consciously, and intentionally
in the ongoing process of universal evolution.

And so it is with great joy
that we proclaim on this midsummer’s night in the year 2009,
the emergence of such a vision
and its establishment within the consciousness, of a significant number of people
all over the world.

It is a vision of ourselves, as being perceptual mechanisms,
generated by an eternal and stochastic process
in order to perceive what it may be and to realize these perceptions.

We have chosen to call this vision
that has been present within the awareness of a small minority of people
from the very beginning of time
and which has since grown and emerged within human consciousness
and now finds intelligible and comprehensive articulation throughout the world,
The Synthetist Vision.

All of us are born into the Dominant Dualist Perceptual Paradigm
that teaches us to see ourselves as autonomous entities
in a world that is a collection of discrete objects
created by a creator or creators within time and space
and which will come to an end in time and space as well.

This way of seeing ourselves and the world
gives rise to the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction
through the consumption of ourselves and our universal environment,
which dynamic gives rise to our current global civilization
and its consumerist economy.

There have however always been people
who have been able to perceive, enter and live within The Synthetist Vision.

These are people who adopt broadly humanitarian values,
who are inclusive in their thinking,
who accept the doctrine of Human Rights
and who accept due democratic and legal processes.
These are people who do not agree
that state or other institutions
have the right to use violence and coercion, in the implementation of their policies.
These are people who do not agree that the police, the armed forces and other agents of the state
can use violence and torture.
These are people who accept the right of every person
to lead a life of their choice
as long as they do not cause physical and spiritual harm to others or to their environment.
These are people who perceive reality as being dynamic rather than static,
relative rather than absolute
and stochastic rather than deterministic.

From ancient times this small minority of people
who have been able to perceive The Synthetist Vision
have set up systems of teaching and training
aimed at facilitating those who wish to move out
from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to The Synthetist Vision.
We have chosen to call this movement
from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the Synthetist Vision,
The New World Movement.

As more and more people join this New World Movement
from the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm to the Synthetist Vision,
those who have made the transition are beginning to link up
to form a global network, that will begin to function
as a global perceptual mechanism, and a global strategic guidance system.

The way of life, and the individual lives
of those who have entered The Synthetist Vision
have to be supported
through the development of an adequate infrastructure, economy and culture.
The major component of such infrastructure
will be the setting up of human habitat
based on what can be best described as “collective individual living”.
These settlements will be structured in a way
that will enable each of us to live alone
but in close proximity to others who share the Synthetist Vision.

Inhabitants of these human habitats will probably be linked to a comprehensive social support network that will deliver the support systems for which we are currently dependent upon our families, our religious institutions and our nation states. These settlements will form the platform that houses the global network and they will contain all the technologies that are required for the working of this network as well as for the economy and the culture that are generated by The Synthetist Vision.

The economy generated by the Synthetist Vision
will probably be a Spiritual Economy.
It will deal with products of the spirit
such as knowledge, perception, the generation of projections and sustenance of strategic visions,
and of systems of healing
that address the increasingly evident spiritual distress
that attends the civilization generated by the Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm.
The Culture generated by the Synthetist Vision
will find expression through The Temples of Love
which is what the theatres of such cultural expressions
that will be found in all such human settlements, shall be known as.

Religion will probably consist largely of systems of teaching and training
designed to enhance individual perceptions
and collective exercises and endeavors aimed at enhancing collective ones.

We have established The Synthetist Mission,
The New World Movement
and The Temple of Love.
We have also established The School of Life
and The Spiritual Development Fund
We have identified those who share this vision and this mission as Synthetists.
We have chosen to let their lives and work be known henceforth as Synthetism.

We invite all those who share this vision
and who are engaged in linking up to build the global network
to accept those identities and entities,
and to work in synchronicity and in harmoney with each other.


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